Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer plans

hey everyone I'm just writing a short blog over my lunch hour to tell everyone who is reading that i will be working at a summer camp over my break. there will be a new blog probably every week telling the best events of the week. most of the time the blogs i will post for the summer will be funny stories of little kids doing stupid things. it will also tell you about what we did during the weekend when there is just staff at the camp.

 i leave for the camp on the 26th and will be back some time mid august. I'm hoping that i will have a great summer full of crazy look on my page to see if there is anything new.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Are The Winnipeg Jets Here To Stay?

Are the Winnipeg Jets here to stay? Of course they are, if you watch this video and can say that the jets will be gone in the few years then your crazy. The fan base is so incredible that 10 000 season tickets sold out in 3 minutes. Not to include that you have to buy the season tickets in groups of 3 years or 5 years. if that doesn't show dedication then i don't know what does. Oh ya i forgot one thing BETTMEN SUCKS!!!!

Intro To Corey's blogs

my name is corey and i am 16. I will be writing blogs about whatever seems intresting. Most of my blogs will be about sports and school. i dont play on any teams right now but i follow sports pretty closly. I like almost every sport.i will also talk about my work and such things. maybe even me docter apointments. so ya fell free to follow me :D